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This pictorial representation of BIG Theory begins in the blue circle labeled Volume. Volume exist independent of measure. Measurement requires substance, Volume is a quality not a thing. Volume may be considered to extend to infinity in all vectors.


Once Volume contains a substance, then it may be considered by the term Space, and now takes on a finite nature. Space is dynamic, and therefore subjective in it's measure.


The defining substance of Space is "Dimension Only Particles" (DOP).

Dimension Only Particles or(DOP) have volumetric structure, but do not share wave characteristics of Mass. DOP is the physical medium through which Mass waves propagate.


DOP fills Space like sand in a bucket. It is free to move, but non energetic by nature. This aspect of DOP allows for new perspectives on motions of Mass. If Space had a fabric grid system, this would be it.


As a carrier medium for waves, its efficiency is determined by its Density & Viscosity. Viscosity varies by its involvement in wave or flow manipulations.

General Relativity attributes Gravity to warping of the geometry of Space and Time, but what is being warped and how? DOP is the answer.


The "fine granular consistency" DOP serves as the separator of Mass in Space, DOP acts as the moderator of Time and motion.

Density affects the ability of Space to carry waves. A more dense Space allows events to happen more efficiently.


Extreme Gravity and or energy disturbs density of local Space, causing local Time to slow down. i.e., "It works like heating the air in a balloon, as the molecules of air bounce around, the distance between them grows. The air becomes less dense."


Density becomes a geometric factor via gaps forming between particles of DOP. Changes of density cause refraction of waves passing through them, and so we have "Warped Space".


This part of BIG Theory is still under construction.


It was only recently, while gathering all the pieces for this website that I realized the significance of this property in DOP.

Once DOP is involved in a wave or flow process, this will affect

it's ability to take on another duty. I see this resistance to be the equivalent of viscosity in fluid mechanics.

BIG Theory: What is Space?

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