2/2/16 I have been putting in a lot of hours getting the site ready to upload. Hope I am being accurate in my presentation, it's just me, all me. Compiling, creating new stuff, new illustrations and learning Adobe Muse for building this website. Really liking Muse, but last night some fonts went on strike. Pages were not loading, it took forever to find and replace the culprit. It was my fault for trying to get a little too fancy. Live and learn...

2/9/16 Finally, I have created enough content for release, now I have to create the crowd funding component to the site. The "We" in wefightgravity.com is actually YOU! Together we will complete this work. The future is ours, if only we can recognize the importance of today...


I expect to create a video next week to use for crowd funding. Then let the sharing, posting and promoting begin. I will initially be looking for minimum amount of one years funding, to support me while I research and expand the release of information here. I am hoping to raise much more than this, to cover more than just my time.


A note on Gravity wave detectors: Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Detectors, Yesterday LIGO announced confirmation of the detection of Gravity waves as predicted by Einstein 100 years ago. This is an incredible achievement!


I was amazed at the details they were able to deduce about the event they recorded. Two black holes, of particular Masses, combining into one black hole with less Mass than the sum of the two parts. Part of this loss could be attributed to predictions of Mass wave cancellation in BIG Theory.

Here is where I will be sharing my progress, relevant communications with people like you, and links to articles and sites found elsewhere on the web.


See Jeff's Notes Here!

3/4/16 5:15pm Pacific Time

My Kickstarter project just went live.

Please check it out and give your support.



Sent off an email to Jerry Decker the other day about this website, next thing I know, there is a featured article on keelynet.com. I have followed his site for decades! Wow! I'm feeling like a rock star. Thank you Jerry!!!


Well, the Kickstarter has been finished for a while now! Thank you to those that pledged your support!

Stay tuned, soon there will be updates to wefightgravity.com featuring more video content on Big Theory. I will continue despite having not raised the needed funds. This dream is too important to abandon.

My goal now is to try and connect with other minds skilled with different talents. People who want to change the world and aren't afraid to proceed without financial motivations.

As with most fights, it isn't over as long as we retain the fortitude to rise to our feet once more...

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