Something that inspired me to thinking about Gravity when I was younger, was the TV show "In Search Of" with Leonard Nimoy. One episode in particular, the one on "Coral Castle". This is the story of Ed Leedskalnin, who built a castle in Florida, in the 1940's. He built it alone, carving giant stones from the coral bedrock, even though he was a small 90 pound man. The story leads us to believe that Ed could somehow control Gravity. He ran experiments and wrote a book on Magnetics.


Thanks to people on the web, you can find videos of people building some of Ed's magnetic current devices. I have built some myself, also some variations that apparently demonstrate magnetic current as Ed describes it in his books. Magnetic current is basically electromagnets that don't let go when you cut the power, but diminish greatly if you manage to pull them apart. I encourage you to find videos on YouTube, about the subject and Coral Castle.


I have only visited Coral Castle once, and I only had about 15 minutes to look around, buy some books and get out the door as they closed for the day. For Einstein, his inspiration was a compass that his dad gave him as a child. For me, my intrigue was this story. A small evidence that somebody has figured it out, and that means I could also. All over the world megalithic structures can be found. Other people have certainly done this as well. I knew that science did not have the answer, so I was on my own.

Here is where I will be sharing a free range of ideas, thoughts and history. This will not be constrained to BIG Theory, but will most likely be related in some way.

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