Jeffrey N. Bivens

The creator of BIG Theory, a new way of looking at the universe!


Strange as it seems, objects in this theory move under their own power, and gravity acts like a rudder, passing energy to mass and steering it toward the source of radiating waves of "dimension only particles".


BIG Theory is short for - Bivens Inertial Gravity Theory

Throughout history mankind has fallen at the feet of gravity's might.


I tell you today, that the giant's defeat is near...


I have battled the enemy, Struggled to unlock the secret of how gravity works. Now I can say that I have developed a most promising approach to the problem, Introducing BIG Theory.


BIG Theory began to take form just before Y2K, on what was to become a miraculous day for progress in gravity theory! One problem though... this world changing concept was discovered by a person of no consequence to science.


The world has to know...

So is born this day, wefightgravity.com!





Hello world, and thank You, I sincerely hope you enjoy what you see and discover on the pages that follow!



Jeffrey N. Bivens





After taking some time to explore wefightgravity.com please take a moment to share your thoughts with me. Gravity & Physics theory is a lonely journey.


People tend to think it is beyond their comprehension. "I'm no Einstein" they always say. BIG Theory is not made of math. It is a logical, elegant, simple explanation of why and how gravity and other forces do what they do.


In it's current form, it is not about calculating anything. It's about the process, once we get that down, then the fun begins. Anti-gravity anyone?

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