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Gravity is an interaction of Inertia between Masses, whereby Mass waves are refracted.


Similar to the scenario presented under the section of Inertia, where force is applied physically, when radiating wavefronts of DOP impact a Mass they invoke the same posture of motion in opposition to the impacting wave. The significant difference in this scenario, is that the posture is not met by a Mass that will impede it's actual movement. Each cycle of impacting waves causes the Mass to accelerate toward the source. We call this Gravitational acceleration.


So Gravity is a side effect to the Inertia of Mass!






The more curvature a wave delivers to mass, the more distortion results in that Mass waveform. Each wave front induces acceleration, so the higher the frequency, the more acceleration.


Scale matters, it determines relevance of curvatures.

Earth’s waveform reacts more to the sun’s object waves than would the mass of a small rock. This difference is what makes object of different Mass fall at the same speed.


Phase and frequency combined, determine how object waves take form (complex interactions). Remember that each type of Mass has a unique frequency of oscillation. Consider the volume of a collection of expanding and contracting Masses that make up something such as a planet or star. At any given moment, some of it's parts are expanding and some are collapsing. Overall Mass is determined by the sum of the volume of Masses involved.


This makes for the prediction of some interesting effects. If we were to divide a large Mass into parts of only similar frequency Mass, then the result of measuring the divided parts would be more than the original Mass!



A note on Gravity wave detectors: Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Detectors, Yesterday LIGO announced confirmation of the detection of Gravity waves as predicted by Einstein 100 years ago. This is an incredible achievement!


I was amazed at the details they were able to deduce about the event they recorded. Two black holes, of particular Masses, combining into one black hole with less Mass than the sum of the two parts. Part of this loss could be attributed to predictions of Mass wave cancellation in BIG Theory.


Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars have already been spent on these projects. This is a good time to plug my modest needs. Please see my Support page... such a deal in comparison.


Note: The Gravity waves discovered here are not the same as Gravity waves described in BIG Theory. Mass waves that cause Gravity are constantly present. What was observed by LIGO, was an anomaly. It was a "disturbance in the force" so to speak. Both types of Gravity waves move DOP in a similar fashion, but the merging of black holes is a one off event for that location in Space.



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